Live Irresistible Delicieuse by Givenchy Women Eau De Parfum 2.5 oz

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Live Irresistible Delicieuse by Givenchy Women This rich and decadent perfume combines fruity, floral and gourmand accords for a delicious finish that’s so pleasant to smell, you’ll wish you could take a bite out of it. Top accords include tart ripe cherry and a variety of French pastries for a succulent, mouthwatering opener that will have people looking at you with hungry eyes. Middle notes of fresh orange blossom and lush red rose incorporate a romantic element that only further enhances the vibrant and heady mood. Finally, base notes of orris root, creamy vanilla, smooth caramel and nutty bitter almond complete the scent for a dazzling combination of ingredients that create a true feast for the senses.